Muck boots

I have been suffering recently with cold feet.  The weather has turned wintery and standing building a wall doesn’t help with the circulation to the feet.  I tried wearing thicker socks.  I tried wearing more socks.  No luck.
The solution was a new pair of wellies! Yep, I couldn’t believe it either.  I came across Muck Boots in a shoe shop in Huddersfield.  They are neoprene with a rubber outsole around the foot area.  The neoprene seems to cover the whole of the inside of the boot.  Boy, they are warm.  Very warm.  On the second day, I decided that I didn’t need such thick socks.  They are exceptionally comfortable and I have been working in them all day without any problems.  They don’t have a reinforced toe cap, but they are fairly solid.

Derwent Muck Boots

More information on the website here.  Seems that everyone knows about these (except me). Always the last to know!