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Photosynth of the upstairs of number 8

Written by stephen gale

Well, the floorboards haven’t gone in yet, but that hasn’t stopped me walking across some planks to get a view upstairs. 

I have used Microsoft Photosynth to produce an interactive 3D panorama.  Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow embedding of iFrames. 

So here is the link

Rear of the property: Photosynth

Written by admin

Here’s some more images of the property as it is today.  You will have seen photos of the property elsewhere on the site (see here), as well as the architects drawings of the existing elevations (see here).  However, the below image is a pseudo 3D view produced using Microsoft Photosynth.  The image below will allow you to scroll left-right as well as up-down.

There was taken on an early (and view cold October) morning.  The sun is very strong and you can see my shadow in the foreground of the image. This image was constructed using Photosynth running on an iPod Touch.

You may need to install Microsoft Silverlight to be able to view the image.