Topographic survey

We had a completed topographic survey of the property and the surrounding land completed last month.  The work was completed by Ben at VisionGeomatics.  More on their website here:

Topographic Survey
Excerpt from the topographic survey

You can download the entire survey as a PDF here.  This allows you to turn the layers on and off on the survey plan. There is an incredible amount of data on the topographic survey including contours, outbuildings, trees, drains, overhead power lines and walls.

The survey data includes all the land as well as an outline of the buildings.  A separate internal survey was completed to work out the floorplan for the buildings. You will find the floorplans here. These floor plans were then placed onto the topographic survey to provide a complete picture of the buildings and site.  This should be a great starting point for the new designs.

Plans of the property today

We have made some progress over the past couple of weeks.

The topographic survey was conducted a couple of weeks ago and we now the results.  It is a very accurate plan of the cottages, the outbuildings and the surrounding ground.  The surveyors installed a number of anchor points and then measured everything from these.  The end result is a very large plan of the property and the surrounding areas.

We also had a comprehensive internal survey completed.  From this, we now have an accurate layout of all the rooms, windows and even wall thicknesses.  This will be used as the basis for the plans for the new renovation.  The plans of the current building will also include the front and side elevations. 

I have both of these plans printed out on large sheets of paper, but I don’t have these electronically at the moment.  More when I have more information electronically.

Update: I now have electronic versions of the material and have uploaded them to other posts on the blog.  You will find the existing floorplans here, the topographic survey here, and the elevations here.