Update on the Belzona 5122

We applied Belzona 5122 to a couple of areas on the property that were particularly susceptible to wet weather.  We have only ever applied it once (in February 2014) and it seems to have done the trick – no more water ingress problems.

So the question is: Six years later, is it still working?

Well, we have had some really wet weather recently and I took the opportunity to rephotograph the areas where we had applied the Belzona.  You can’t see it dry days, so you have to wait until it is wet before trying to photograph it.  For reference, I have also included a photograph from October 2014 (six months after it was first applied) so that you can see the difference.  If you search on Belzona on this blog, you will find the original posts.

So six years on and it is still doing it’s job!  In fact, the photographs seem to show that there really hasn’t been that much of a degradation of it’s effect.  And there has been no water ingress! The good news is that you can still get it (try www.belzona.co.uk) – you will often see it referred to as “Clear Cadding”.  It seemed expensive at the time, but it has more than done it’s job.  All in all, pretty impressive!

February 2020 and 5 years later the Belzona 5122 is clearly still doing it’s job!

February 2020 and a close up view of the masonry after it has rained. The Belzona5122 was originally applied in February 2014!

October 2014! Here you can see the impact that the Belzona has had on the way the stonework is absorbing the rain water. I hadn’t really noticed this before as there is no impact on the colour of the stonework when it is dry.