Controlling the rooflights

Written by stephen gale

There are 3 sets of rooflights in the extension (in addition to the Veluxes in the bathrooms).  There is one set of rooflights in the kitchen and two sets in the lounge.  Each set has 5 panes – 2 of which open.  Because of the height of the ceilings, these need to be electrically controlled.

The 3 sets of rooflights cost around £6,000.  They came with very cheap plastic rocker switches – a bit disappointing given the cost of the windows.  We have replaced these and decided to control them using the Loxone kitchen.  This means that they can be controlled via switches in the house or remotely via an iPad/iPhone/PC.  This gives us the opportunity to automate the opening/closing of the rooflights – e.g. opening when a set temperature inside the property is reached or closing the rooflights when the burglar alarm is set.

Interestingly, the attention was for the Loxone kit to only control the lights, but since we have installed it we have found a number of other uses for it.


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