Dry stone walling – Day 5

Day 5 and the first section of wall is now finished. Yes, I know, it is only 2 metres long, but it does give an indication of what the finished wall will look like.

I was watching the weather forecasts this week and today was a cracker.  And with some holidays to use up at work, it was too good an opportunity to turn down. With one final push, I thought I might be able to finish this section.  With an early start, I was putting the coping stones on just after lunch.

First section of wall completed

It is difficult to think that it has taken 5 days over the last month to get this far.  I can’t help, but look at it and see all the imperfections.  However, I wonder what I would have thought of this a month ago before I started building my first dry stone wall.
Seeing a completed section is a real boost to both my enthusiasm and confidence.  It was surprising how quick the top half of the wall was to completed, compared to the bottom half.  I reckon the top half and the coping stones took 1 day, the foundations and the bottom half took 4.  However, I suspect I will now speed up given the enthusiasm engendered by finishing this first section.
The wall from the other side – ground level on this side of the wall is lower
I have looked back on the original posts (I started on this wall at the end of September) and reflected on what I had learnt……

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