The two sets of potatoes seem to be doing well and I reckon the first crop (Golden Wonder) should be ready by Mid August – if the estimate of 16 weeks is anything to go by! They have been in the ground for 10 weeks now. I couldn’t really have planted them any earlier because of the frost. There’s lots of green growth above ground, but I wonder how much growth there is underground!

The other set (Nadine) seem to be quite a bit behind the first crop. This is a bit surprising as both were planted at the same time and they should take the same about of time to mature.

In hindsight, I think the potatoes plants were probably planted too close together. Re-reading the guidance – they should be 12 inches apart and 30 inches between the rows. Next year I think it should be one variety in this plot with three rows of better spaced plants.

The space to the right in the photo is occupied by some beetroot plants (variety: Bolthardy). I sowed them originally in pots in the greenhouse and put them into this spare space above a week ago. some of the plants looked a bit sorry for themselves when first transplanted, but it looks like all but two will survive.

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  1. Well, it is end of September and both of these sets of potatoes have been harvested. Just the winter potatoes are left.

    The Golden Wonder plants produce very floury tubers – almost too floury. They were very easy to “over boil”.

    The second earlies (Nadine) were a much better choice for us and our soil. I think we might have had even better results if we had planted these earlier in the season. The tubers were excellent – light coloured skin that boil, baked and roasted really well.

    Next year, I would be tempted not to bother with the Golden Wonder, but to plant two sets of Nadine (and slightly earlier too!).

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