Removing the gas meters and gas supply

There are two gas meters attached to the front of the property – one for number 10, the other for number 8.  These need to be removed before the outside of the property can be sand blasted, furthermore the gas supply needs to be cut off entirely if the concrete at the front of the building is going to be removed.

Both of the gas supplies are turned off at the meter and the gas pipe is capped off inside the building (just in case someone opens up the meter box and turns the gas back on).  British Gas supply gas to number 10, EDF are the supplier for number 8.  A quick call to British Gas a month or so ago sorted out removing the meter – due to happen on 17th June.  EDF work in a different way and asked for a local gas fitter to remove the meter and for us to then ring them and they will come and collect it.  So far so go.

Capping off the gas supply to the property isn’t quite so simple, although it should only mean digging a hole in the drive (and not the main road).  I was told that Transco are responsible for this, but this is not the case.  You need to contact your local gas transporter.  To find out who this is ring 0870 160 0229 and provide your postcode or have a look at this map.

A quick call to Northern Gas Networks (0845 057 0605) got the ball rolling and I got a call back later in the afternoon to say that the planners had had a look at the maps and the estimated cost would be around £800 and could probably be completed in about 8 weeks time.  More expensive and more time.  Hopefully, this is not going to hold up any of the building work. 

There is a separate charge for reconnecting the gas later on.  This can take 10-12 weeks so needs to be planned well in advance.

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