Clearing out the orchard – Day 2

Well, I have been slowly clearing out the orchard – taking out the mass of undergrowth and the non-fruit trees.  It has been a slow task and when I look that the orchard itself, I am not sure that it has made that much difference.  However, when I look at the mass of vegetation that is on the “bonfire”, I begin to realise exactly how much material has been taken out. 

I am still clearing out material around the trees on the edge of the adjoining field as well cutting back the brambles that have engulfed the dry stone wall that lines the one edge of the field.  I am reluctant to pull too hard on the brambles as it is likely to damage what remains of the wall in the process.  So again this is slow work.

The cleared out orchard – the brambles have still to go

Another view of the orchard

The growing mound of vegetation

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